Greyhounds saved from a life of misery

Many greyhounds are bred and sold to people who use them to hunt or participate in illegal greyhound racing.
Dec 19, 2016

Is this how you would care for your dog? In a tin cage, with no food or water, in the hot Free State sun with temperatures rising to 39 degrees? Four greyhounds were removed from a plot after being found living in these conditions. Another dog, which had a broken leg that had been given no veterinary treatment was also rescued. All the dogs are now in safekeeping at the Bloemfontein SPCA.

Used to hunt game, the dog (pictured right) suffered an injury to its lip during a hunt. According to the owner, the wound would ‘heal by itself’. The greyhound was confiscated and is in a safe place at the Bloemfontein SPCA until such time as the court case has been heard.