93 cats rescued

We believe the owner of these cats had good intentions, but it is impossible to care for such a large and growing number of animals.
Nov 18, 2016

Our SPCA received complaints of cats being kept in squalid conditions and removed 93 cats from the house in Wilgehof.

SPCA spokesperson, Reinet Meyer explained that, “The property owners initially set out to 'save' cats. But the situation got out of control at the expense of the animals' health and well-being.”

Meyer said the cats were all over the house and there was cat faeces everywhere. Because the cats' litter box was overflowing, the cats were defecating all over the house. There were a lot of kittens in one room, with excrement all over the carpets. Meyer described the smell as unbearable.

On examination, many of the cats were found to have a severe infectious disease and sick cats were not separated from the healthy ones. The owner was unable to provide the SPCA with medical records, including any rabies vaccination certificates.

“In another room, we found a dead kitten amongst all the other cats. The owner was not even aware of the dead cat,” Meyer said. “There were feral cats among the tamer ones. Some cats had clear compatibility problems and were kept in a cage outside the house.”

“The circumstances in which these animals were forced to live were unacceptable – dirty and unhygienic – and certainly not in the cats' best interest,” Meyer said. The cats are now in the cae of the Bloemfontein SPCA and charges of animal cruelty will be brought against the owner.


One of the sick kittens.

cat litter box

Overflowing litter tray which the cats could not use.