two Chows

No evidence in Chow death case

People are urged to check the facts before spreading rumours about alleged animal cruelty
Nov 3, 2016

A group of anti-SPCA activists have claimed that the Bloemfontein SPCA is not taking action against a certain person in Bloemspruit who, according to them, is abusing his animals. The allegations stem from the death two months ago of a Chow belonging to this person. We have investigated the death of the dog, but have been unable to locate any witnesses who know what happened. We talked with neighbours who reported seeing a bakkie stopped near the dog, while others heard that children had stoned the dog to death. The dog’s owner has several other animals that are in good condition. The activists also alleged that the Chow that died had been adopted from our SPCA. This is untrue. We did rehome a Chow two weeks ago, pictured here with his new owner. We urge people to check their facts first, before going ahead with a story.