chained dog

Chained dogs suffer

Despite it being illegal to keep dogs on a chain the practise continues, causing untold misery
Jan 27, 2017

This boerbull was tied to a tree and the chain around its neck locked with a padlock. The chain was so tight it had rubbed the dog's neck raw and he could barely swallow. There was no food, water or shelter for the dog at the time of our visit, and we were informed that the dog had been there for almost three weeks and its owner had not shown up. The dog was confiscated and is currently in the custody of the SPCA. Thank you to the person who reported this case.

Another dog (pictured alongside) was permanently tied to a chain that was so tangled he could not get to, or climb in, the tin drum that was supposed to be his shelter. But even if he could have, such a shelter is completely unacceptable under the fierce Free State sun. Thousands of ticks were removed from the dog, which was in a poor and emaciated condition. He was confiscated and taken to the SPCA.

Two other dogs, also pictured alongside, were forced to live in unacceptable conditions. They have been confiscated and are now in safe keeping at the SPCA. The owners received warnings and charges of animal cruelty will be laid against them if they commit another offence like this.

Injured dog

Infested with ticks, hungry and miserable.

stuck in a drain

Tied to a shack and expected to live in an old tin drum.

stuck in a drain

This dog was tied to an old bed frame covered in sheeting to make a shelter. The rope had become so tangled, the dog could hardly move.