injured dog

Healing work of the SPCA

Our animal clinic is kept busy treating sick and injured animals.
Jan 27, 2017

Frightened by thunder, this dog tried to escape through the fence and got stuck. His owner was at work at the time and there was no one at home to hear his cries for help. Our Inspectors successfully freed the dog and took it to the vet, where its injuries were treated. The owner was contacted and was extremely grateful.

In another case, someone threw boiling water over a dog, badly injuring him. The owner brought the animal to the Bloemfontein SPCA for help and our vet is providing ongoing treatment. The owner brings the dog back to the clinic every two days to have the wounds cleaned and dressed – and we expect the dog to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, no one knows who was responsible for this despicable deed.

Another dog, rescued from a deep drain recently, didn't require veterinary treatment. But she did need lots of good food and reassurance! We think she had likely been stuck down the hole a long time, as she was emaciated. Thanks to Joseph Tsipane, for saving this dog (along with many other animals) and bringing her to the safety of our SPCA.

Injured dog

What sort of person would throw boiling water over a dog, causing horrific burns?

stuck in a drain

This poor dog was stuck in a drain.

stuck in a drain

Hungry and traumatised, but free at last.