Dogs' ears cut off

In yet another case of suspected dog fighting, this dog's ears have been cut off.
Jan 16, 2017

Both ears of this pit bull terrier have been cut off. According to the owner, the dog was in that condition when he got it. However, the SPCA inspectors could see this was not the case, as the wounds were fresh.

Ear cropping is common in dogs that are used for fighting, and several scars on the dog's face showed that he had been in fights. Dog fighting is illegal in South Africa, although the practice is widespread.

The dog was confiscated and is now in the safe custody of the SPCA, and a charge of animal cruelty has been laid against the owner. Thank you to the person who brought this case to our attention.

Ear cropping

This dog's ears have been cut off, probably without the benefit of any anaesthetic or follow up veterinary care.