Starving dog

Recent cruelty cases

Our Inspectors have been kept busy investigating cases of cruelty
Nov 3, 2016

It’s difficult to believe how people can treat another living creature, especially a dog that continues to offer loyal companionship despite suffering unbelievable pain and misery at the hands of its owner.

The dog pictured above was literally skin and bone, covered in sores and suffering from mange. He was confiscated and is currently under veterinary treatment at our SPCA. Another emaciated dog found chained with no food or water drank about 5 litres of water after being rescued. Unfortunately, the dog was found to be suffering from distemper and had to be euthanised.

We are currently trying to find the person or persons who cut off a puppy’s tail, probably without the benefit of anaesthesia. Docking dogs’ tails is now illegal, as is chaining a dog – and yet it remains a common practice.

We rescued this Pit Bull terrier that had managed to wind his chain round and round the post it was attached to until it was so short he could no longer move!